Special Sessions

This Workshop will feature a number of Special Poster Sessions*. To submit a proposal, please fill in the following information and submit your proposal to the Special Sessions Chair, Mónica Bugallo (monica.bugallo at stonybrook.edu), before NOVEMBER 30th, 2015. Each session should include 6-8 papers (please, make sure to inquire your contributors before submit your proposal). We expect notification of acceptance emails to be sent out by DECEMBER 9TH, 2015 and if your proposal is accepted, your contributors will be required to submit a paper by the regular paper deadline and will undergo regular review process. Hence your contributors may need to begin preparing their papers before your proposal is accepted. If the proposal is rejected, your contributors will still have the option of submitting their papers as regular papers.

* Note that all contributed and special sessions are poster sessions.


Accepted Special Sessions:

“Bayesian detection and estimation techniques for radar applications”.

Sabrina Greco, Fulvio Gini.

“Statistical signal processing and learning in smart grid”.

Yue Zhao, Vincent Poor.

“Multivariate statistical signal modeling and analysis”.

Patrice Abry, Herwig Wendt.

“Random matrices in signal processing and machine learning”.

Dirk Slock, Romain Couillet.

“Optimization and simulation for image processing”.

Jean-Yves Tourneret, Andre Ferrari, Cedric Richard.

“Advanced robust techniques for signal processing applications”.

Frederic Pascal.

“Recent advances in Monte Carlo methods for multi-dimensional signal processing and machine learning”.

David Luengo, Victor Elvira , Luca Martino.

“Making sense out of multi-channel physiological data for pervasive health applications”.

Danilo Mandic, Sithan Kanna, Andrzej Cichocki.